Upcoming Horsemanship Clinics

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Mark Langley has worked thousands of horses internationally and professionally for the past 14 years.

Mark’s proven methods are based on principles that have been tried and tested to work on ALL horses. Clinics are designed for everyone, across the board of disciplines and experiences. Individual attention guaranteed.  All methods fully explained.

Why my clinics ARE different:

– I teach people how much pressure to apply – and how and when to apply it (not just increase pressure until something happens)
– I teach you ways to train which help your horse to feel better – horses leave my clinics happier
– I teach you ways to train which leave your horse more balanced (relaxed and focused and comfortable with you – not tense and worried and focused elsewhere)
– I explain WHY I do things and give you the tools to go away and train in your own way at home – it is not about doing what Mark Langley does and hoping for the best – I want you to understand the principles behind my philosophy and springboard off that
– You’ll get individual attention
– Limited strictly to 10 riders so I will help you individually and tailor lessons to suit you and your horse

Can’t get to a clinic? Mark offers an online membership program designed to help you with your horsemanship skills. Unlimited access to watch Mark teach, train and explain through videos & seminars. Ground skills, ridden skills, philosophy, psychology, problem solving, PLUS watch Duchess get started. All this for just $15/month. Cancel at any time. Find out more.

How to Book on Mark Langley’s Clinics:

To secure your place at a clinic, you must complete an online booking form with a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. Simply click on the link to the booking form next to the clinic in the list below. Need more information? Interested in Mark coming to your area for a clinic? Inquiries are welcome – email info@equineability.com.au, ph 0417 200 411

Upcoming Clinics

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