Online Horsemanship Training Videos

24/7 Access to authentic videos of Mark teaching, training and explaining how he trains horses with a calm connection. Videos range from a few minutes to over an hour, making viewing to suit your time and data allowance more accessible.

Designed to help you train your own horse and understand how to apply horsemanship as oppose to a step-by-step method.

Learn how Mark approaches and solves common problems. Watch as Mark walks you through a variety of problems with many different horses; helping you to gain the skills to understand his kind horsemanship techniques. 


Watch as many videos as you wish for free for 7 days – see if you like what Mark teaches!

“The latest clinic videos are brilliant” Julie “Your videos have helped me tremendously already with my horse…Since watching you I have a much more focused horse” Kendra

“I am finding Mark’s philosophy so refreshing and has made me rethink my whole approach to my horses now.” Carolyn

“I actually rode my QH out..for the first time in 4 years…all it took was 2 groundwork sessions (and a bit of video fest) our connection has grown so much already that I am still in a little disbelief, he actually wants to be with me now…absolutely loving it!!” Jo

“It’s given me a lot better understanding of my relationship with my horses” Karen

“Love the Duchess videos! Really appreciate all that Mark teaches us!” Brenda

“I’m finding them sensational.” Megan

“I have as much to unlearn as learn, the reminders of this consistent approach are very welcome.” Heather

“Excellent way to reinforce what you learned at one of Marks clinics.” Megan


Ridden skills, ground skills, problem solving; philosophy and psychology.

– PLUS New videos added monthly.

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– PLUS individual video coaching and feedback videos

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