Mustering on John’s mare

Words and photos by Jenny Barnes with quotes from Mark Langley

Mark has been riding John’s mare out every day since our last blog. Each day he has worked on her confidence and ridden her out on our property. Today a chance opportunity to muster some renegade cows into a paddock enabled Mark to test her out on cattle, with our collies working them around her.  This is now her 6th ride out on the property.

“I started riding her out in the bit when she proved to be calmer and a bit more reliable outside. You don’t need to compound nervous tension by introducing a relatively unfamiliar tool whilst she is still having trouble adjusting to her surroundings and rider. Today was probably her 3rd or 4th ride in the bit. If there were no time frames or deadlines there would be no need to integrate the bit so quickly.”

These are beautiful Autumn days. The air is clear, crisp and still and everyone enjoys being outside, especially when there is fun to be had.

010 (640x480) 011 (640x480) 013 (640x480) 016 (640x480)

“It was good to give her something to do because she has a little bit of trouble freely moving forward – only because she still has a bit of nervous concentration on me.  The remedy for this is just good steady miles.”


Ebony wanted  to say hello to her. She lowers her head as Ebony reaches up with her hand.

022 (640x480)

With the cattle in, Mark decides to take her for a ride up the hill, with a trot and a canter.


025 (640x480) 030 (640x480)

Only to find some renegade sheep that need sorting! So, more mustering for her.

037 (640x480) 039 (640x480) 041 (640x480) 046 (640x480)

She’s handled it all beautifully.

047 (640x480)

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