Following John’s mare in work through photo’s: ii

Written by Jenny Barnes with quotes from Mark Langley

Following the lesson yesterday, we were all hoping she would come in soft and calm; that she had gained more confidence in Mark. Sure enough, as Mark walked into the round yard, she just stood there: still, head lowered, and calm. For all the stress that she must have felt as she had Mark riding Henry above her, she must now be starting to understand that Mark was okay to be around. Inseparable to her obvious stillness was a trust and acceptance in Mark that you can see in her eyes. Just heartening to watch.

johns mare 008 (640x480)

johns mare 035 (640x480)

johns mare 007 (640x480)

As Mark took his time getting her halter on and moving around her, she wandered off, and once more showed her dismissive side. The dogs, thinking there was more action to be had, keenly kept an eye on things from their only vantage point – peering in from under the gates, Mark’s avid spectators.  

johns mare 030 (640x480)

johns mare 031 (640x480)

johns mare 033 (640x480)  johns mare 034 (640x480)    

She is more relaxed with Mark, but still weary.

johns mare 021 (640x480)  johns mare 016 (640x480)         

“I started ponying by just sidling up to her, to rub her with my hand. She stood well and was calm as I rubbed her over her back-line. I was very happy that she accepted this from both sides as she was better than how she finished yesterday.”  Mark took her straight out into the bigger yard. She ended the last lesson leading softly, but would she still brace and pull away today? The dogs were excited, Henry was a bit toey – there was almost an expectation of action.

johns mare 038 (640x480)  johns mare 041 (640x480)

It all started off well with Mark reminding her of his flag rope again as he went. “She led well and I managed to travel around quite fast in the big yard.”

johns mare 042 (640x480)  johns mare 045 (640x480)johns mare 052 (640x480)  johns mare 053 (640x480)johns mare 054 (640x480)johns mare 047 (640x480) johns mare 044 (640x480)johns mare 043 (640x480) 

Then, a rush forward and up she went.  It can all change so quickly.  “When I applied more pressure, she still had a tendency to brace or rush away from the rope.  This is just still her trying to escape when frightened.”

johns mare 057 (548x640)

Calming her down again, bringing her to a stop and a moment to know standing is the right option…

johns mare 059 (484x640)

Then Mark takes her back to the round yard. “I let her go to see if we could remain connected without the ropes.”  Before Mark moves on to the next lesson he is careful to remind her that he needs to be able to touch her and that that it is okay.

johns mare 067 (640x630)

She is attentive once more and watches as Mark unsaddles Henry.

johns mare 074 (640x480)

Mark shows her the saddle blanket. A prelude of tomorrows lesson?

johns mare 077 (640x480)

Back to ground work. Mark has to watch she doesn’t nip him and has his hand ready all the time.

johns mare 090 (640x480) johns mare 089 (640x480)

Now Mark wants to get her to move around him slowly, not rush.  She is uncomfortable, so she trots and canters around him. It takes a bit of careful positioning by Mark – watch as he works her on both sides, and look how close she gets to him!

 johns mare 099 (640x480) johns mare 118 (640x480)johns mare 104 (640x480)  johns mare 105 (640x480)johns mare 102 (612x640) johns mare 117 (640x508)

 johns mare 114 (640x628)

johns mare 112 (640x468)

When she slows, she calms again.  Mark wants her to walk around him, on both sides.  She has come a long way from yesterday.

johns mare 125 (640x444)  johns mare 108 (640x480)          

johns mare 121 (640x483)  johns mare 122 (640x429)

2 thoughts on “Following John’s mare in work through photo’s: ii

  1. You can really see the difference in johns mare,each time mark worked with her,I feel she is going great for her second day.thanks for sharing you amazing knowledge.if ever in Queensland,sunny Coast,would love to attend one of your clinics.fabulous photos too.thanks again,Annette.

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